, [[MORE]] it feels weird that everyone has moved...

it feels weird that everyone has moved back on campus and is starting classes wednesday and i’m kinda still on break until i can pay my outstanding balance so i can hopefully register for some fucking classes

this whole starting the semester thing has me feeling all kinds of crappy ways

i have no idea how i’m supposed to register for this semester when classes have already started, and one of the classes i have to take is a class i’ve failed twice already

and like, a lot of people are getting ready to apply to study abroad for fall semester of next year and like, i can’t do that, my grades are such shit, and i’m gonna be the only one stuck behind while everyone is moving forward and having the time of their lives

i feel like a complete joke of a student and a waste of time and money

i’m trying to find the motivation and positivity to be like, ‘just be proactive about handling your situation and it’ll all take care of itself and you’ll be fine and back in the swing of things in no time’ but it’s so hard, i really just wanna quit school

  1. yoswift said: Had a bit of a rude awakening when I got to undergrad too…Once you get your shit together you’ll be able to live it up…I wouldn’t feel behind because those 4-5 or more years will feel like such a blur when you’re out of it.
  2. ronaelennon said: if you end up having to be in school longer, it’s no big deal. there’s no rush! i was a 5 yr student & lots of ppl graduate after 4 years. just gotta remember being in school is sooo beneficial & a lot more fun than working full time at this age!
  3. silentbutgolden said: You’ll get there I know you will.
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